NSAIDs for dogs over the counter

NSAIDS are the medical agents that are used in management of pain, inflammation and fever in humans and animals. Abbreviated for non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs, NSAIDs are considered to be safe medicines and hence FDA has approved the over the counter sale of NSAIDs without any need of prescription. Thus NSAIDs are being used in treatment of pain due to pet’s rheumatoid arthritis (pain and inflammation that occurs due to tissue injury especially in the joints), pet’s osteoarthritis (pain and inflammation associated with bones), inflammatory situations such as ankylosing spondylitis, reiter’s syndrome etc. NSAIDs are also used in management of dysmenorrhoea (pain during menstruation in women), headaches, renal colic, muscle pain and stiffness and post operative pain. If your dog is suffering from arthritis, pain in eye, inflammation in eye, knee ligament injury, abnormal cartilage formation, or cancer pain, NSAIDs are the ideal medication that can act symptomatically.

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NSAIDs are good anti pyretic agents that are used in treatment of pyrexia (abnormal elevation in body temperature). They may also be used in management of inflammation that is associated with tissue injury. NSAIDs are the very effective agents that may used in treating pain, inflammation, and fever altogether as they act on the root cause of all these disease states- cyclooxygenase enzymes (COX). COX enzymes are the substances that cause body pain and inflammation due to formation of prostaglandins, and NSAIDs act by acting on these agents and neutralize them so that the pain and inflammation is indirectly reduced.

Some of the NSAID medications that may be used are ibuprofen, carprofen, meloxicam, diclofenac, aceclofenac, etogesic, naproxen, deracoxib etc. human use NSAIDs may be given to the pets but the dose of the medication has to be reduced. So it is better to use NSAIDs that is specified for dog use such as excel aspirin. Excel aspirin is a an NSAID formulation that is specially designed for dogs, this medicine dissolves and gets absorbed in the body without causing any undue delay so that it reaches the blood fast. Soon after the absorption NSAIDs ensure there is rapid therapeutic action that causes reduction in pain, alleviation in inflammation and reduction in body temperature. Therefore NSAIDs act ideally for treating these symptoms in dogs effectively and safely.

Side effects:

NSAIDs are associated with side effects that are largely related to gastrointestinal system. These agents cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, constipation in some of the patients. It is also associated with gastric irritation that causes acidity when taken empty stomach. This because NSAIDs cause an increase in gastric acid secretion that can cause acid burn and irritation in the stomach, this effect is minimised when food is taken to neutralize the acid formed.

Therefore these effects may be minimised by taking NSAIDs with food or after food. NSAIDs also cause headache, drowsiness, dizziness and in very high doses it can also cause seizures. Also watch for side effects such as blood in vomit, black stools, reduced appetite, frequent urination, general tiredness, abdominal pain and lethargy.

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